People Share The Things They Do That Others Say They Do The "Wrong" Way

People Share The Things They Do That Others Say They Do The "Wrong" Way



WEIRD (11/15)

I've been told it's weird that I can hear the difference between the names Erin and Aaron. Even people with those names say they're pronounced identically. The differences are subtle, but it just seems so obvious to me.

I know they are spelled differently and that when pronounced correctly, sound completely different. I know. And I've tried explaining it to my sister Erin and good friend Aaron, but they both have claimed to be unable to hear the difference.


WEIRD (12/15)

I eat chicken wings till the bones are stripped clean (including cartilage) and some people get weirded out. Like the fuck, they only eat half of the meat and I'm the weird one.


WEIRD (13/15)

Two things for me: 1) it's apparently weird that I put deodorant on after a shower, even at night. I often sweat in my sleep and I loathe swampy pits.

2) I run and/or hurry along on the balls of my feet. I've always attributed this to having lived in apartments most of my life and was almost always an upstairs person. People say it's strange, but I think I move faster and far more quietly (which comes in handy for sneaking up on my friends when I'm feeling like a little shit).


WEIRD (14/15)

I have a very non-traditional typing style that always gets compared to the stereotypical, "old person" style of typing out a couple words per minute using only your index fingers. It's one thing for people to point out that I don't use the standard home keys style, or even the gamer hand placement. It's another to write off my method of typing completely because it's isn't how you learned to use a typewriter.


WEIRD (15/15)

I sleep with my head at the foot of my bed. I've been doing it for so long I thought this was just what some people did, like sleeping naked or not. I'm always surprised when it's a hassle to convince whoever I'm sleeping with to sleep that way with me.



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