People Share The Things People Say That Make Them Roll Their Eyes Immediately

People Share The Things People Say That Make Them Roll Their Eyes Immediately



You know what sucks? Dealing with people. Especially people who say the sorts of things that make our eyes roll back into our heads so hard we can see our brains.

Check it out!

UGH (1/12)

Any recorded message that says "your call is important to us" or "we care about your call."


UGH (2/12)

My aunt shared a photo on Facebook that had two images, one of kids playing outside in the dirt with the caption, "so glad I spent my childhood doing this," and then another photo of teenagers on their phones, "and not this!" Then the obligatory "share if you agree!"

I left a reply that said, "well maybe those teenagers in the photo are sharing this image on Facebook."


UGH (3/12)

"Embrace your flaws."

Not if your flaw(s) is being selfish, continuously late to things, inconsiderate of others feelings, dishonest, irresponsible, etc. etc.

The whole concept is completely misinterpreted as just shrugging off anything negative about you. Embracing your flaws is supposed to mean that you should acknowledge what your flaws are so that you can take the necessary steps to manage them.



UGH (4/12)

"You don't get paid by the hour, you get paid by the job."

I heard this frequently from superiors when I was a salaried employee, as an explanation as to why I should have no problem working 60-70 hours a week and backing out of events in my personal life at the last minute to get a project done.

Strangely, every member of management who said this was salaried and never worked a second over 40 hours a week.


UGH (5/12)

Hyperbolic descriptions of online content, such as:

  • breaking the Internet
  • winning some holiday
  • going viral
  • taking the Internet by storm
  • all you need in your life right now
  • so and so did blah blah blah and I'm crying

Calm down, it's really not that great.


UGH (6/12)

"Well, someone else has it worse..."

Just stop. When does comparing the suffering of two different individuals ever accomplish something? Especially if you say this to a depressed person or someone going through something tough, it just makes them feel guilty and devalues their own experiences.



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