People Share The Quirky Things They Find Attractive in Others

People Share The Quirky Things They Find Attractive in Others



QUIRK (6/10)

When a girl has her hair up and one little bit of hair is hanging down into her face, like it's fallen from behind her ear.

It has to be natural though; a chav fashion in the UK 00s was to gel this hair strand on both sides.


QUIRK (7/10)

Complete dependence. Like they need me to do basic things around the house. Ask me to put a picture up on the wall, it's like talking dirty to me..


QUIRK (8/10)

Hairy bodies. I love women with hair. Hairy vaginas are a definite plus, as are sideburns and bangs. I don't mind hairy legs, arms or armpits either.



QUIRK (9/10)

A nice looking girl who is also confidently eating a cheeseburger, smiling and walking down the street with the burger in one hand in the sun. It's like a Wendy's commercial or something. Is that weird? I've seen it twice.


QUIRK (10/10)

Grunginess. Not in terms of hygiene, but in terms of personal style. I've been with guys who are the opposite and I quite frankly can't keep up with it. I'm not a very trendy dresser and it makes me feel weird standing next to someone who makes sure every inch of him looks good. God bless my ripped jeans-wearing, shaves-when-he-fucking-feels-like-it boyfriend.



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