People Share The Quirky Things They Find Attractive in Others

People Share The Quirky Things They Find Attractive in Others



We're all attracted to different things, weird things, quirky things.

Sometimes these things really help define what we want out of a partner!

QUIRK (1/10)

Women who look like they hate me. Like, obviously I don't want them to actually hate me, but resting bitch face just does it for me.


QUIRK (2/10)

Bags under a girl's eyes. I had a huge crush on Brittany Murphy because of that. And my girlfriend kinda looks like a raccoon because of her eye bags, which I find adorable.


QUIRK (3/10)

I really like tummies of all shapes and sizes. Some men are boob men or ass men but I'm a tummy woman. I'm not particularly fond of bellybuttons or anything (I know that's a fairly common kink), I just find that area very pleasing to the eye. I especially like the little waist-creases chubby girls often have on their sides.



QUIRK (4/10)

Scarred or pockmarked faces. Maybe it has to do with making the person look more weathered or rugged, or something. It's one of the reasons I really liked Jared Harris as Lane Pryce in Mad Men.


QUIRK (5/10)

Mechanical things and girls.

A 7/10 girl would be an 8/10 with a nice car

9/10 with a motorcycle

8/10 with a gun

10/10 with an airplane



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