People Explain What They Don't Do Anymore Due To A Bad Experience

People Explain What They Don't Do Anymore Due To A Bad Experience



You live, you learn.

At least, we hope you do.


When I was in first grade, I remember us making some sort of dessert with chocolate-covered chow mein noodles and jellybeans on top of them. But I was sick at the time and I threw up shortly after trying to eat some of it. I haven't been able to eat jellybeans ever since, and I've never seen chocolate-covered chow mein noodles since then either, but I imagine I'd still find that gross too.



The last time I played a round of golf, my stepfather and I almost got into a fight with the two drunk asshole playing ahead of us. It's a longish story, but basically I drove away from the shithead and we went to the clubhouse to report them.

I didn't touch my clubs for the next two months, then finally went to the driving range to hit a bucket. Realized pretty quick that I no longer had any enthusiasm for it. I gave the rest of the bucket to someone nearby, put my clubs in the basement when I got home, and haven't touched them since. That was 10 years ago, and I still have no desire to play again.



Pick up hitchhikers. We used to give hitchhikers rides pretty much any time we saw them unless we were in a great big hurry. We picked up one dude who was clearly mentally unwell in a scary sort of way once and it ruined it for everyone after that.




Donate blood. Now before anyone judges me and says I should it's a good thing to do, it almost killed me. I was in Grade 11 and the Red Cross did their bi annual blood drive at the school. I was afraid of needles and decided to conquer my fear and do a good deed at the same time. Sign up realize this doesn't look so bad. Fast forward to laying on the table and let me just say my arms are a phlebotomists wet dream, large clear easy to identify veins. Lady puts the needle about 2 inches away from a vein and works it down to it. As time goes on I pass the time listening to music and realize I've been on the table longer than most people, nurse comes over sees the bag isn't really filling well and decides to adjust the needle while it's inside me just wiggles it. I have a fairly high pain tolerance and this HURT LIKE HELL. Lay there longer as the bag begins to fill. Finally the nurse stops the bag at half way and cleans up the blood that's all over the chair. I then notice my forearm is about 3x the size it normally is due to the vein popping and being full of blood. Nurse says "here's some ice the swelling will go down" okay eat my snack and go back to class. Day 2 my whole forearm turns a nasty purple yellow color and I mean my whole forearm turns purple swelling gets worse and I go to the doctor after school. Doctor looks at my arm can't figure out what's wrong and does and ultrasound that shows nothing. Finally they call in 3 other doctors and a nurse and they deduce that the nurse had caused a collapsed vein and it had bled into the skin of my arm. Had I not gone to the doctor I would have gone septic and it being right on a vein I would have died quickly. Was on antibiotics for a month, my fear of needles got worse and now I hate the sight of my own blood.



Going to a bar to unwind. Sat there at the bar, sipping on beer, on my iPad catching up on work emails on Friday nights when I got off work a bit late and the liquor stores were closed. Apparently, drunk people see it as a chance to bother me, and while I don't mind striking up a conversation and meeting someone, it always ended badly. I had a girl come over and flirt with me, told her I'd buy her a drink and then ran away with her friends laughing at me while the bartender told me I "had been used". Get talking with a guy who was interested in me. He was baffled that I was a virgin who never had a girlfriend. So he hits on a girl telling her that I sent him (had no knowledge of this). Girl gets creeped out, get asked to leave bar. Other time, the bar was full so the owner came and sat next to me while I was browsing my tablet, and he said out loud to his friends how he hated having to sit next to me because he was disgusted at my fat (I'm big, but not so big where I can't sit on a bar stool or take up more space than the average person). They laughed at me and casually continued their convo. Caught the woman bartender giving me creeped out looks sometimes when I would look up from my tablet. This other time an older couple sat next to me, and the wife kept annoyingly looking and pointing at my tablet and whispering to her husband. At which point the husband asked me seriously to put away my tablet because it's time to relax and forget about work and asked me where my friends were. Jesus fucking Christ, can't a guy go to a bar, sit in the corner and enjoy a beer while quietly on his tablet not bothering/talking to anyone? Fuck. Never been there again.



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