People Admit Their Most Unpopular Opinions

People Admit Their Most Unpopular Opinions

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Twitter user @stephanieboland asked the internet to share a big secret with her:

And started off with a doozy herself:

But she was quickly de-throned.

And she continued to be challenged.  Some people really went in, like this girl:

Historian Dan Snow pulled zero punches.

Emily just has a slight difference of opinion from most of us:

While Declan and Neil just want to watch the world burn.

About half the world agree with David and Eric.

Moose lives in the Twilight Zone:

And Tracy has just about had it with brewing caffeinated drinks from leaves:

Oly is really pushing against the world with his:

But Stephanie herself gave the crown to a man named John, who really stepped out of his comfort zone to tell us this:

What's your most unpopular opinion?

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