Writer Quits With Viral Parody News Article About Kylie Jenner


Writer "Blasts" Editor And Then "Quits"

Since the term "fake news" has been pushed to the moon in online culture, it's still a wonder how many literal fake news is taken as real. The site, The Onion, has popularized this concept and turned fake news into satirical commentary. By making it humorous, reader's guards can be let down and the message can get across much easier than if it's meant to be serious.



Unfortunately, not everyone gets that memo. The Waterford Whispers News, an Irish satirical site similar to The Onion, recently published an article titled, "Did Kylie Jenner Get A Boob Job? Why Am I Being Paid To Write About This Shite?"


The writer blasts her editor, Siobhan, and lampoons the trials of being a content writer online today before finally quitting. She said:

Any chance I can write about a business woman without it being about the fact she is a woman in business? Oh, what’s that? You now need 8 pics of Jenner t***? Got to keep people on the page for longer is it? Loud and clear Siobhan.

Anything else, Siobhan?


The article hit it huge, with an image of the article being one of the most popular on Imgur, an image sharing site.


The satirical resignation letter went viral on Twitter, with many people finding some connection with the overblown quitting.

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