Texas Nurse Receives Rude, Offensive Note With Pizza Delivery

  It was just before midnight in Paris, Texas when a group of hungry nurses phoned in an order to their local Dominos pizza place. Stomachs growling, they anxiously awaited their hot, fresh, cheesy (with pepperoni maybe? We hope!) delivery while working their shifts.
Rude (CREDIT: YouTube)
What they didn't expect along with their delivery was a passive-aggressive, certainly hostile handwritten note on the box. The note read:
We would appreciate it very much if you didn’t wait until 5 minutes before we close.
Oh, would you? Is that so?
Rude (CREDIT: YouTube)
The nurse took a photo of the note and sent it to their friend, who then reported it to the local news channel. The story, and note, have since gone viral. Free pizza for a year, anyone? We certainly think that'd be fair. And that free pizza should be delivered every single night at 11:59PM.
H/T: YouTube