NSYNC Reunites In Honor Of JC Chasez's Milestone Birthday

NSYNC Reunites In Honor Of JC Chasez's Milestone Birthday


NSYNC is back! Well, at least for one night. And that night was last night.

NSYNC (CREDIT: Instagram)

  Last night JC Chasez turned 40 years young, which makes yours truly feel old as hell. Remember when these guys were teens, and so were we? Remember trying to learn the dance to Bye Bye Bye? Remember when Justin Timberlake had a cute lil fro, and I hung his posters and magazine spreads all over my room while still thinking I was heterosexual? Okay, maybe you don't remember that bit. But I do! But that is all done, now.
NSYNC (CREDIT: Instagram)

  JC Chasez has turned 40. NSYNC is no longer a thing. Lance Bass came out of the closet and I think is hosting something on a TV channel or something? Time has passed and   we are left to gaze upon this photo of the former members all gathered together. They look happy, don't they? Must be a pretty good party. I also assume they are all burning with envy because, yanno, Justin Timberlake kinda won everything. Joey doesn't even get to host Singing Bee or whatever any longer.

  Time has passed. Justin Timberlake is a superstar. And the rest of NSYNC? Well, they at least have this birthday party. And a couple of days of attention because Justin Timberlake posted the group photo from the birthday party and we millennials who write web articles are feeling a little nostalgic. But who knows! Maybe their phones will ring. Maybe JC will receive an offer for some new, intriguing reality show on Oxygen or Logo or Hallmark Channel. Anything is possible!

  Now I want to go home and put on my NSYNC albums and dance in the mirror. I want to remember when NSYNC, and I, were younger. When the world was full of possibility. When we would gather in the thousands, screaming, as the boy bands did battle across the globe. Those were the days. Thanks for the memories, guys. Happy Birthday, JC.
  HT: Entertainment Weekly, People

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