Upsetting News Of Cat's Death Takes An Unexpected Turn

Upsetting News Of Cat's Death Takes An Unexpected Turn


The death of a pet is sad news indeed.

After all, they are a member of the family. So when one of them is laid to rest, it's difficult to say goodbye.

When the Schmidt's family cat went missing and turned up dead on the roadside, it was a particularly traumatic discovery for the wife. So her husband, Eric Schmidt, was tasked with informing their daughters with the tragic news.

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Eric broke the news of 7-year-old Kitty's death via a texting thread.

It began like this:

When your mom drove the neighborhood just now, she found her in the street near the house. Your mom is pretty emotional so please reach out when you can and offer your support.

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The display of support and love for their grieving mother is very evident.

But then, new information breaks, and the tone of the thread does a 180. Nobody saw this coming!

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Kitty didn't pull a Lazarus-move on the Schmidt's here because she was safe and unharmed. She probably wondered what all the fuss was about when she observed her dramatic owner through the window.

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What a huge relief for the Schmidt family!

However, Eric was put through the ringer, and the comedy writer took to Twitter to share his feelings.

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Our deepest condolences to the family of the dead mystery cat. May the deceased feline live eight more lives of joy, without a lot of curiosity.

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