This Cosplay Shows Off A Brand New Take On Captain America


Muslim Cosplay Of Captain America Costume Goes Viral

A Muslim woman in Northeast England is making waves with her Captain America cosplay. Her cosplay name is Hoojabi Hooligan and she's giving her Captain America a Muslim twist by wearing an American flag hijab. Hooligan said she wanted to pick a character that would stand out being gender-swapped and "hijabified." She has always admired Captain America for his character, ideals, and the fact that he stands for freedom.
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People on Hooligan's Facebook page are calling her brave for making such a statement. Most of the comments she's received have been supportive. Many are calling for this to be an actual character in a comic series. From Hooligan's Facebook page:
Ooo this could be a sweet spinoff. I'd love to see a female muslim Captain America that fights ISIS while also criticizing neo-imperialism in the middle east. I think this is the coolest, most creative way, to bring cultures together. You are perfect! I would read the heck out of a comic with you as cap. <3

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However, there will always be haters. Some people are criticizing that she is disrespecting the American flag.
Doing that to an American flag is a travesty and you should be ashamed.
But, quick to defend herself, Hooligan made it clear the American flag is only a shawl with a flag print.
Thank you so much everyone!  My hijab is not a flag. It's an hijab/shawl with the design of the flag printed on it.

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Many more came to her defense.
Dude, I've seen American flag underwear. lets not split hairs about what we can or can't print the flag on. Any member of the military, or flag regulations abiding US Citizen could tell by the COLOR it's not a real US Flag.

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  Here's Hooligan giving blue-steel Captain America realness.
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Dan says that a new metallic shield is in the works. It will lend a superior quality to the overall look.
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Here's the rendering she was aiming for. Spot on.
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But it wouldn't be cosplay if a few worlds didn't collide. Meet Captain America - Hogwarts finest sharpshooter.
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