Folks Say This Is The Most Controversial Nativity Scene

Folks Say This Is The Most Controversial Nativity Scene


A sex shop in Spain got into the holiday spirit with a nativity scene of their own, and it caused an uproar!

But, the outrage was not just because of the display's location. So, what's gotten into the naysayers? Nothing, if they can help it. It's just that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were represented by dildos.
nativity (CREDIT: facebook)

Have you been naughty? Then Santa's got the toy for you! But, not everyone wants these toys inserting into their o holy night. Héctor Valdivielso, the shop owner of Non Sit Peccatum sex shop in the town of Talavera de la Reina, commissioned Ernesto Yáñez, an artist, to paint Jesus, Mary and Joseph onto the ceramic joy sticks. Valdivielso saw art, but others regarded it as blasphemy, and threats against the shop owner soon followed.
nativity The usual assortment of toys inside the Non Sit Peccatum sex shop. elpregondetalavera

  One of the threats included this one:
Learn the word 'respect. There will be no more warnings. Heed my words if you want to see 2017.
  Valdivielso also recounted:
A man with his wife ordered me to remove the offending scene and said that if I didn’t he would remove it himself.
nativity Unidentified man next to the display. (CREDIT: eldiadigital)

  The shop sign was also vandalized with the word "sinner," and the threats of attempted assault climaxed to involve local authorities. What started off as an amusing Instagram opp, quickly gave way to a level of violence that forced Valdivielso to remove the display altogether. He said on a Facebook post:
We believe that this is a work performed and exposed without the intention of offending anyone. Consider it a simple decoration (without belittling his artistic quality). We don't want to give the reason for those who come to threaten or coercing but neither do we want our customers to be insulted.
In place of the display was a sign, asking patrons to vote on whether or not the phallic triumvirate should return. If you know Spanish, you'll see that 79% responded favorably. Hopefully, those 79% will get 100% satisfaction from the stocking stuffer that would please them most.
nativity (CREDIT: craveonline)

  There are many who wish to "come all ye faithful," even during the holiday season. Just goes to show that we each get into the spirit in our own way. H/T - mashable, thelocal, facebook, craveonline, eldiadigital

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