MTA Pride Posters Are Turning Heads

MTA Pride Posters Are Turning Heads


There's no shortage of gay pride in New York City.


So when sassy MTA posters resembling "service change" notices started popping up around the city at the beginning of June, people were overjoyed.

But it's hard to believe the MTA would be able to get away with such a political message. So who made them?

That would be a group of three men: Thomas Shim, Ezequiel Consoli, and Jack Welles.

Shim, a veteran of the New York ad agency scene, came up with the idea alongside freelance art directors Consoli and Welles to shine a light in the city's darkest, most public place—the subway system.

Influenced by President Trump's refusal to acknowledge the month of June as LGBTQ Pride Month, Shim told Adweek, "It's been hitting us hard [amid] all this news about hate crimes."

So, the group, using the name "Pride Train" set to work creating the posters to resemble the official MTA announcements, as well as rainbow flag stickers that could go on the outside of the trains, below the American flag.

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