Mother Who Tried To Induce Abortion Will Now Face More Severe Charges

Mother Who Tried To Induce Abortion Will Now Face More Severe Charges


Anna Yocca tried, unsuccessfully, to induce an abortion with a coat hanger last year. When she failed, her boyfriend brought her to the hospital.

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  The child lived but suffered severe and potentially life-long injuries from the coat hanger. It is now under child protective services. Yocca has been in prison since December of last year. Her charge, until February, was murder. It was then dropped to aggravated assault by a court in February. The prosecutors¬†were not pleased with this reduced charge and went to a grand jury to have additional charges made against her. They have succeeded. Yocca, who will be arraigned this month, is now charged with additional felonies. The official list is attempted criminal abortion, attempted procurement of a miscarriage, and aggravated assault with a weapon.
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  Yocca's defense has unsuccessfully been able to have any of the¬†charges dropped, despite their belief that the statutes used in the accusations were not meant to apply to abortions to begin with. Yocca's story is one that many pro-choice advocates are worried about, should Roe V. Wade ultimately end up overturned in the Supreme Court. Shutting down abortion providers, they argue, will not reduce the number of abortions in America. All they will accomplish is forcing women who do not want to carry their children to term to take matters into their own hands in any way that they can.
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  As of this past February, the state of Louisiana only has two operating abortion providers across the entire state. They would be more than happy to have none.
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