This Mother Teaches Us All How To Get Away With Wine On The Train

This Mother Teaches Us All How To Get Away With Wine On The Train


Public transportation can drive people to want to drink. There you go. That's it. It's just a fact of life. Have you ever been on a crowded train? It's certainly a sensory experience.

The Sights. The Smells. The Grip-And-Pray Move.


Moms are nothing if not innovative, and this UK mom is no exception. She figured if you can't be comfortable, you should at least be a little bit buzzed. That buzz just has to happen stealthily since drinking a full bottle of wine on the train is sort of frowned upon. Once she figured out how to make that happen, she shared the hack with her daughter like any loving parent would. Her daughter spread the good news via Twitter.

Incognito Mode: Activate!


Some experts are claiming that drinking up to a bottle of wine a day might actually be good for you, so really this mom is just doing us all a favor and keeping us healthy!

Seriously. Mom's Droppin' Knowledge.


Problem: Unless you're in Ireland or Great Britain, Lucozade isn't readily available to you.

Solution: We did the math. Most standard bottles of wine readily available in the states are about 25 oz. Most sports drinks come in bottles up to 32 oz. The deeper berry and grape flavors work best for concealing reds while your icy cool kinds of flavors are better for whites and blushes.

You're welcome.

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