Mike Pence Refusing To Dine With Women Other Than His Wife Is A Huge Controversy

Mike Pence Refusing To Dine With Women Other Than His Wife Is A Huge Controversy


Filipovic points out that "Pence’s reasons for avoiding dinners with women sound a lot like arguments in favor of requiring female modesty — that if a woman shows her thighs or her shoulders or her hair or whatever body part is at issue depending on culture and context, men will be distracted and unable to function, so better to require women either cover up or stay home."

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She suggests that "perhaps men who can’t be alone with women without being sexually tempted by them are a liability, and shouldn’t be in charge of anyone or anything."

The Huffington Post echoed the same thought. The Executive Women's editor for the Post, Emma Gray, wrote, "The ability to refuse to be alone with someone who is not the same gender as you and still climb the professional ladder is a privilege that is simply not afforded to women."

Proponents for Pence's rule sounded off on Twitter.

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The conservative blogger had an additional tweet.

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Flavorwire‘s Jason Bailey responded to Matt Walsh's tweet, saying, “Maybe if you spoke to a woman who wasn’t defined by her husband, your gender views could enter the 21st century.”

Clara Jefferey, Mother Jones's editor in chief said in a Twitter thread, "If Pence won’t eat dinner alone with any woman but his wife, that means he won’t hire women in key spots.”

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She continued, "If Pence won’t eat with a woman alone, how could a woman be Chief of Staff, or lawyer, campaign manager, or… Would Pence dine with Ivanka? Or KellyAnne? Or are they too relegated to second class citizens. For that matter, how would he ever even interview a woman. With a chaperone?"

Many more expressed their frustration over Pence's exclusive dining policy. Read more on the next page.

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