Michael Moore Makes Another Bold Prediction About Trump

Michael Moore Makes Another Bold Prediction About Trump


Michael Moore predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential election. He just made another bold prediction.

The stout democrat made an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers and shared with viewers that he was not happy about the outcome despite his prediction last July that Donald Trump was going to win. But, Moore prognosticated to Myers - by way of Nostradamus - that Trump might not even make it to office.
Michael Moore (CREDIT: huffingtonpost)

Last summer, the documentary filmmaker made a prediction in an article called, "5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win," on his website:
This wretched, ignorant, dangerous part-time clown and full time sociopath is going to be our next president. President Trump. Go ahead and say the words, ‘cause you’ll be saying them for the next four years: “PRESIDENT TRUMP.”
Michael Moore Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa. (CREDIT: newyorker)

  Moore, who was a Bernie Sanders supporter during the primaries, and then supported Hillary Clinton when she became the Democratic nominee, told Myers:
I never wanted to be more wrong. I remember when I said this on the show, the audience moaned, like 'no,' all because it didn't seem possible. She was ahead in the polls, she was winning the debates, it was a great convention. And he's crazy.
Michael Moore (CREDIT: nymag)

  In addition to Moore's earlier prophecy about Trump becoming a Republican nominee also coming true, Moore said the only way Trump can win the election is if the Trump campaign focused on Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Moore was right again by naming the former blue states from recent presidential elections. He even joked that people started asking him for winning lottery numbers. In response to that, Myers said:
It's like you hit the lotto, but instead of winning $6 million you got kicked in the nuts.
So will Michael Moore continue on his accuracy streak with his latest prediction? When Myers asked about the country's latest fascination regarding the Electoral College, Moore said:
Here’s the Democrats’ biggest problem, and this includes people who voted for . They don’t act like they won. They won! She’s 2.7 million votes ahead of Trump tonight, almost 3 million. This is the second time this has happened in 16 years — it happened with — where they win the popular vote but lose the White House… We have to get rid of this Electoral College.
Michael Moore (CREDIT: theatlantic)

  Moore added that:
Yes it’s going to happen. I will lead the charge! He’s not president of the United States yet. He’s not president till noon on January 20th of 2017. . . . That’s more than six weeks away. Would you not agree, regardless of which side of the political fence you’re on, this has been the craziest election year. Nothing anyone predicted has happened; the opposite has happened. So is it possible, just possible, that in these next six weeks, something else might happen — something crazy, something we’re not expecting?
Myers questioned the possibility of Trump realizing that the role of President might be too much to handle.
Michael Moore (CREDIT: businessinsider)

  Moore was quick to point out:
Oh, he is so bummed out. He may decide he just wants to quit before he even takes office. Everyone in the audience is saying that's not possible. Everybody in this audience at some point in their life on the first day of their job knew they had taken the wrong job.
If Michael Moore pulls off this latest prediction, it would be one that even Nostradamus didn't see coming. Watch the full interview with Seth Myers, below.

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