Vintage Glamour Shots Highlight Why Men And Cats Go Together


Men Take Awkward Glamour Shots With Their Cats

Author Jack London wrote a short story entitled, "To Build a Fire." It's a tale detailing the relationship between a man lost in the forest and the wolf that finds him. Together they use one another to stay alive, until they are no longer able, then the wolf moves on. Some critics point to this as a prime example of the relationship man and animal share on this planet.

The following pictures highlight a different relationship.



While not the pseudo-masculine tale of man and wolf bonding over a dying fire in the snow, man and cat can have a bond even stronger. They just need to unite in front of a camera and pose in a serious fashion.




It's not clear if the cat has natural yellow eyes or if it's a reflection of the man's super-perm.



Who knew Kenneth Bone was also a cat man?



Dough wasn't sure why Rob's severed head clone had come for his cat, Mittens.