Meet The World's First Doll Based On A Transgender Teen

Meet The World's First Doll Based On A Transgender Teen


Jazz Jennings is a transgender teen girl. As one of the youngest documented transgender individuals, she's garnered her fair share of media attention. This includes interviews on "60 minutes", a book, and a documentary on the Oprah Winfrey Network called I Am Jazz: A Family In Transition.

Oprah and Jazz


The Tonner Doll Company has decided to honor Jazz by releasing a doll designed after her. Company founder Robert Tonner has taken the design and sculpting of the doll on his own shoulders because the project is that important to him. When asked why Jazz, he said:

Jazz stands for everything I respect from a human nature point of view, she's incredibly brave, intelligent, warmhearted and creative.

The doll will be available for purchase in July and will be wearing either a white outfit, or a pink shirt and jean shorts like Jazz is wearing on the cover of her book.

The book and the doll.


People took notice when the company made the announcement. Take a look at what Twitter had to say next.

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