Does This McDonalds Holiday Cup Have A NSFW Design? Many Think So

Does This McDonalds Holiday Cup Have A NSFW Design? Many Think So


It looks like McDonalds is not going to sit idly by and let Starbucks get all of the ire and anger this holiday season.

McDonalds (CREDIT: Pop Sugar)

  Two corporations can play at this game! Also, Starbucks only got a small amount of anger in regards to a cup, which ended up not even being their holiday cup in the first place. This year was McDonalds' chance to shine. To take the lead. To be the FOX's GREASE Live to NBC's The Wiz Live. Okay. Maybe I'm over exaggerating. There is no actual proof that McDonalds purposely placed an inappropriate silhouette on their holiday branded McCafe cup. But guess what? That doesn't matter... because the entire internet and all of social media can see it and they're making... well, a stink about it. Did you notice the sneaky, potentially inappropriate silhouette in the above image? Yes, clearly they intended to make a pair of gloves, or mittens, drawn together. To invoke warmth! And holidays! And the lovely hot drink you have purchased!
McDonalds (CREDIT: BuzzFeed)

  But... most people are just seeing a butt. And not just a butt, mind you. A butt of a person who has bent forward and may even be... spreading him or herself open. Think of a proctology exam. That's probably the least graphic comparison I can make here. Well, folks on Twitter are making this cup the... butt... of their jokes. Will McDonalds respond in any fashion? Remove the cups? Write back some sort of joke to try and defuse the situation? We'll have to wait and see. Until then, perhaps stick with getting Starbucks holiday cups this year. You don't want anyone thinking that you're some sort of pervert.  
McDonalds (CREDIT: Twitter)

  H/T: Buzz Feed, Pop Sugar

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