High School Boys Find Sneaky Loophole To Deal With Uncomfortable Dress Code


The oppressive heat is getting to the residents of Brighton, East Sussex.

Uncomfortable (CREDIT: Giphy)

  Despite the heat, Longhill High School is still in session. Administrators at Longhill also expect that their students strictly adhere to the school's current dress code. The administration's decision became a problem rather quickly. The standard dress code of Longhill High School includes long trousers for all boys, regardless of the temperature. As we sit here in the wonderfully air-conditioned offices of The Daily Buzz, we can imagine the lower bodily suffering of those poor boys.
Uncomfortable (CREDIT: Solent News & Photo Agency)

  A group of boys showed up to Longhill wearing the school's branded gym shorts so that their legs wouldn't roast, only to receive a bevy of different punishments. Some students were   sent back home to change, while others were placed in isolation as a punishment. What are overheated students to do? Well, a group of them had a very creative idea that took advantage of a loophole in the dress code. Michael Parker, Kodi Ayling, George Boyland and Jesse Stringer took it upon themselves to show up to school in pleated skirts--an approved part of the dress code for girls.
Uncomfortable (CREDIT: Solent News & Photo Agency)

  We support these boys in their creative loophole exploitation. We also applaud the fact that they are comfortable enough with their sexuality and with themselves to wear skirts, especially in high school! We don't necessarily agree with the allegations made by them or their parents, however. Wesley Allen, Kodi's father, said:
I think what the headmistress is doing is discrimination and I'm extremely proud of Michael and his fellow protesters.
To that, we say: slow your roll, good sir.
Uncomfortable (CREDIT: Solent News & Photo Agency)

  We don't need to be going around saying that a group of white boys at a private school are being discriminated against. Is it a strict dress code? Yes. But, then again, you are sending them there. Should they be allowed to wear shorts when it's gross and hot? 100 percent. No one should be uncomfortable when there's work and learning to do. But discrimination? No. We won't go that far. Regardless of this small difference of opinion, we're just going to celebrate that we live in a world where a group of 14-year-old boys will wear skirts to school. Bravo!   HT: Daily Mail, NDTV