Liberal 'Snowflakes' Now Call Over-Sensitive Conservatives 'Broflakes'

Liberal 'Snowflakes' Now Call Over-Sensitive Conservatives 'Broflakes'


In almost any online political conversation between an alt-right conservative and a liberal, you're bound to see someone get called a "snowflake."

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"Snowflake," according to Merriam-Webster, was a term originally coined in the 1860s to describe someone who was an anti-abolitionist, but has more recently been used to describe liberals who are "allegedly too convinced of their own status as special and unique people to be able (or bothered) to handle the normal trials and travails of regular adult life."

But liberals have found their own nickname for their alt-right nemeses: "broflakes."

As Mashable describes it, "broflakes" are similar to "snowflakes" in that they "are especially sensitive to issues of race, class and gender." However, they are "the inverse of the snowflake community demographically and are disproportionately likely to be white, male, and making prank videos on YouTube."

Or, as one definition on Urban Dictionary says, a "straight white male offended by any feminist or ethnic activity which is not directly designed for him."

So, basically your typical #AllLivesMatter and #StraightPride defenders.

The term has gained enough steam that even Oxford Dictionaries has it on their radar as a word to watch:

And although it isn't nearly as widely-used as "snowflake," Twitter usage of "broflake" has been steadily rising in recent months:

Perhaps it's something liberals can get behind:

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