LG's New Transparent Television Could Be The Future



See the television above? Guess what? You can roll it up like a newspaper.



LG Display built a television you can see through. LG specializes in OLED display tech, which benefits from higher light transmittance than than LED/LCD panels. The screen (when it's off) looks like you're looking through a window.

The TV (currently an 18-inch prototype display with a resolution of 1280 x 810) is the culmination of LG's work on bendable, rollable, and curving displays. The company revealed similar technology at last year's Consumer Electronics Show but didn't release any images.

LG's competitors, like Sony and Samsung, have presented this type of technology to the public before. The cost to produce them is high, which is why they haven't taken off just yet. However, LG wants to make such screens portable, giving the consumer the freedom to roll it up and put it in their pockets, when not wrapping them around interior spaces.

The company believes the displays are perfect displays in cars and other vehicles, and showed off a 25-inch curved screen at its Auto Zone section during the Consumer Electronics Show. The company is working on combining both its 18-inch and a 55-inch prototype display into a 60-inch, UHD (4K) display that is equal parts flexible and transparent.


H/T: Mashable, The Verge