McDonalds Shows Support For LGBT Community With Touching Viral Video

  A boy is sitting across from his father at a long, wooden table. His face registers concern, worry, fear, and curiosity. On the side of his McCafe coffee cup, he's written "I Like Boys." The boy's father gets up from the table and leaves. The boy remainsĀ sitting there, his face crumbling. His world coming down around him. An excruciating period of time passes.
McDonalds (CREDIT: YouTube)
But then the father returns to the table. He picks up the marker between them and takes the boy's cup. Above his son's handwriting, the father writes. He puts the cup down, revealing the sentence which reads: "I accept that you like boys." No words are spoken. The father smiles. The son smiles. It is a truly beautiful, simple advertisement. The video has gone viral with over 1.5 million international views. Yes, an anti-gay group in Taiwan is furious at this ad. They are threatening to boycott the restaurant.
McDonalds (CREDIT: YouTube)
But that doesn't really matter. Over 70% of Taiwan's population supports LGBT and their right to marriage. Bravo to McDonalds Taiwan (known as McCafe in the Asian nation) for taking this bold step. Thank you for your support and your voice.   McDonalds  
H/T: YouTube