Recently Uncovered Letter From Richard Nixon Predicted Everything

Recently Uncovered Letter From Richard Nixon Predicted Everything


The ghost of Richard Nixon is in our midst. And he is cackling maniacally because he knew all along.

Nixon (CREDIT: Biography)

  Yesterday the Archives Foundation tweeted an old letter from Richard Nixon that now serves as an ancient oracle. Perhaps if we had seen this letter earlier? Truly paid attention? Well, things might be different now. But nope! We're nowhere near that lucky. Instead, we now have this archived letter, courtesy of the Nixon Foundation, which is apparently a thing that exists, as well. The musty old letter is brief and would've been seen as funny if, well, it didn't end up coming true.
Nixon (CREDIT: Twitter)

  The letter said:
December 21, 1987 Dear Donald, I did not see the program, but Mrs. Nixon told me that you were great on the Donahue Show. As you can imagine, she is an expert on politics and she predicts that whenever you decide to run for office, you will be a winner! With warm regards, Sincerely, R.


  So there you have it! Nixon strikes once again. First, by being a criminal and a liar and a crook. And second, by seeing the potential in Donald Trump way before any of us, and never bothering to warn anyone about it. Damn it all to hell.
H/T: Twitter, Mashable

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