Lady Gaga's Halftime Performance Wasn't Exactly What It Seemed


This year's Super Bowl was one for the history books. Both the game and the half time show left viewers stunned.

Some Of Us Were This Guy

Some Of Us Were A Little More Like This

Lady Gaga's halftime show was one of those undeniable displays that, even if you don't like her as an artist, you have to begrudgingly admit was impressive. How many of us go jumping off of roofs, get lowered onto stages and move straight into performing a full live set in sparkling heels?

Hmm. Very Well. We Shall Applaud.

As it turns out, the answer to that question is "pretty much none of us" - not even the Mother Monster herself. Shade? Blasphemy? No way. That performance was iconic! It just wasn't exactly what it seemed. Take a peek behind the curtain next.