Now We're Cookin': Quick and Easy Kitchen Hacks You Should Start Doing Immediately

Now We're Cookin': Quick and Easy Kitchen Hacks You Should Start Doing Immediately

  We apologize if this post makes you hungry. It took longer for us to write than it will for you to read. So imagine how starved we are! But our intentions are good! This article contains a number of kitchen hacks that keep your culinary game strong. We've collected these food hacks from far and wide across the Internet, and fully intend to use these ourselves. Give them a read, and then take a trip to the grocery store. Your stomach – and your loved ones' stomachs –will thank you.

Store your jarred nut butters upside down. This keeps the natural oils where they belong: mixed in with the butter. It'll save you a lot of stirring time.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: The Kitchn)

Drop the knife! Cut your cakes and doughs with dental floss. Your dentist may object to this particular use, or so much dessert in the first place, but the floss guarantees cleaner cuts and fewer decimated cakes.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: Happy Go Lucky Blog)

A dollop of whipped cream is boring! Freeze Cool Whip in fun cookie cutters, and drop it on the surface of your next cup.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: The Sweetest Occasion)

Avoid the "brown sugar brick" by keeping the sweet stuff moist with a marshmallow.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: Food 52)

Know someone who loves hard boiled eggs? Show them your heart with a rubber band and chopstick!

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: Bariatric Cookery)

Save your cake from going stale with a protective barrier of bread slices and toothpicks.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: Created By Diane)

You don't need to peel garlic; it peels itself! Throw it in a closed jar and shake like crazy. Kitchen magic!

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: YouTube)

Don't throw away that crystallized honey... just drop the jar in a pot full of boiling water. Ta-da! Good as new.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: Wiki How)

Stop your fish fillet from sticking to the grill by laying it on a bed of fresh lemon slices. No sticky fish plus a nice citrus flavor!

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: Pots and Pins)

Before you chuck that "empty" jar of Nutella, pour warm milk into the jar and enjoy the best damn cup of hot chocolate you'll ever have.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: Happy Go Lucky Blog)

Make Taco Tuesday more exciting by baking your own shells. Drape soft tortillas over your oven rack and hit them with 375 degrees for 7-10 minutes. Delicioso!

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: The Sweetest Occasion)

Circular pancakes are SO last year. Throw that batter into cookie cutters to make breakfast more fun.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: DIY Crafts)

Give your bananas another three or four good days of life by wrapping their crowns in plastic wrap.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: The Kitchn)

Skip the slippery eggshell removal headache by simply wetting your fingers before you dive in.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: Happy Go Lucky Blog)

No need to cry over browned avocados anymore. Just store the open fruit in a closed container with an onion.

Kitchen Hacks (CREDIT: The Sweetest Occasion)

Keep pesky insects out of your beverages by poking your straw through a cupcake liner. Outdoor happy hour may now continue.

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