John Oliver Concocts A Plan To Educate Donald Trump On Facts

John Oliver Concocts A Plan To Educate Donald Trump On Facts


In gearing up for the fourth season of John Oliver's HBO show "Last Week Tonight," the British political commentator set out to avoid one topic for discussion on the season premiere.

There was already too much of President Trump dominating the news. He told The Hollywood Reporter:

I think we’re very anxious to not make it all [Donald] Trump, all the time — both on a level of interest and on a level of what the human soul can sustain.


But Oliver fell short of his objective because, well, how can you not discuss the media circus surrounding the POTUS and his administration?

On the show's first episode of the first season, Oliver said:

Trump's relationship with the truth is going to be of profound importance going forward because any policy discussion has to begin with a shared sense of reality, and Trump's reality can change within a single sentence.

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Oliver attempts to address the POTUS's ignorance in the media by educating Trump through a stealth tactic: By placing ads on Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC in the Washington D.C. market directed towards him.

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The ads are already booked for programs that Trump watches on Monday mornings, which include Morning Joe, Fox & Friends, and New Day.

Last Week Tonight's tailor-made ads are designed to "bring him up to speed on some information he may lack."

One of the first ads will explain to Trump the nuclear triad, which stumped the then presidential candidate during one of his campaign debates.

Variety described that, "The commercials, designed to look like a direct-response medical commercial touting help for people who use catheters, will instead offer remedial help on subjects like the nuclear triad and African geography."

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Continue on to watch the entire segment of Trump vs. Truth from Last Week Tonight.

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