John Kasich Blasts Both Parties Over State Of Healthcare

John Kasich Blasts Both Parties Over State Of Healthcare


John Kasich is angry.

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The Ohio governor and former Republican presidential candidate went on CNN's State of the Union to talk about the senate GOP's Better Care Reconciliation Act, and he didn't have nice things to say.

He slammed both Democrats and Republicans alike for treating healthcare as part of a welfare system when, he believes, they should be viewing it as a means to put people back to work.

"I'm worried about poor people … I don't think either party particularly cares about helping poor people," he said. "If you look at the rates of poverty, if you look at the problems in this country. We have not designed a system to get people work."

He continued, "Everything we're talking about right now — getting people healthy, getting them healthcare, is designed to get them to work. Designed to give them an opportunity to have a better life. This is not some kind of a welfare system. Look, if you're sick, and you're hungry, you don't work. If you're healthy, and you're fed, you get a job. And we expect people to have one then."

In the full interview, Kasich expresses major concern for children, seniors, drug addicts, and the disabled, citing "more instability in the insurance market," due to the elimination of subsidies for insurance companies.


He also says that if he were in Congress, he'd never vote for the bill "unless it gets fixed."

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