WWE Superstar John Cena Celebrates Cancer Survivor, Goes Viral

WWE Superstar John Cena Celebrates Cancer Survivor, Goes Viral


WWE Superstar John Cena has gone viral once again. And this time for a great reason.

If you are a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, the chances are that you have an adamant opinion of John Cena. Whenever he makes his way to the ring, Cena earns deafening cheers and boos. He is considered one of the most polarizing forces in sports entertainment. While watching a WWE show, you might assume that Cena is hated by everyone, given the fact that boos are often louder than cheers.
Cena (CREDIT: 406 North Lane)

  Numbers, however, would disagree with those who boo and jeer Cena. His draw––regarding television viewers and the sheer magnitude of branded merchandise that he sells––has made Cena a household name. Thanks to the Internet and the viral nature of the John Cena meme, the chances are that you know about him whether you've seen him compete in the squared circle or not.

  But there is more to John Cena than the Attitude Adjustment finishing move and his signature "Five-Knuckle Shuffle" fist drop. He is also a beautiful human being who uses his celebrity status for good, despite the boos he receives. A little under a year ago, the wrestler "celebrated" his 500th Make-A-Wish Foundation donation. In partnership with the nonprofit organization, John has met with over 500 sick and terminally ill children to fulfill their final wish. We can only imagine how many new wishes he has granted since this momentous occasion. This past week, a video of John granting a wish went viral.
Cena (CREDIT: Zap 2 It)

  The wrestler spotted a boy in the front rows of a live event. The boy was holding a sign that said:
I am a pediatric cancer and bone marrow transplant survivor :)
John brought the boy into the center of the ring and introduced him to the roaring crowd. He also said:
And ladies and gentlemen, you have been a wonderful crowd tonight, but I wanted to make Isaac’s Independence Day by giving him a moment of what it’s like to be a WWE superstar.
To see the beautiful video for yourself, click below!      
  H/T: WWE, NBC4i

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