J.K. Rowling Points Out Hypocrisy By Changing One Little Phrase


Quebec fell victim to a horrific mosque attack on Sunday. Shooting broke out during evening prayers just before 8pm, with more than 50 people in the building. By the time it was over, nineteen people were injured. Six were dead.

The shooter was Alexandre Bissonnette. He is a 27 year old French-Canadian student.

This Is Alexandre.


When the Daily Mail US shared the story on Twitter, they chose to refer to Alexandre as a "lone wolf."


The choice in phrasing rubbed people the wrong way, including J.K. Rowling. She "corrected" the error.

The Periods Are How You Know She's Serious.


Rowling wasn't the only one to make the correction. One user went ahead and literally corrected the tweet.

Had It Been In Red Pen, We'd Be Having School Flashbacks.


One woman vented her frustration on the situation.



Outlets have long been covering the differences between the ways the media describes white suspects v. suspects (or even sometimes victims) who are people of color.

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