Jill Stein Just Blamed America For North Korea's Nuclear Bombs

Jill Stein Just Blamed America For North Korea's Nuclear Bombs

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Dr. Jill Stein is back in the news after an interview on MSNBC in which she blames the U.S. for forcing North Korea into developing nuclear weapons, and criticizes sanctions on Russia because election interference evidence is "circumstantial."

In the interview, Stein claims that "the demonization of North Korea is part of the run-up to regime change. It's part of demonizing a government that we then want to exercise regime change on."

She goes on to defend North Korea's development of nuclear weapons by saying, "Long before they began their missile tests, the U.S. was conducting nuclear bombing runs against North Korea. We actually had nuclear weapons until the end of the cold war. We actually had nuclear weapons stationed in South Korean … So, this is very frightening to them. They have been basically cornered into feeling like they have to develop a nuclear weapon."


The comments about North Korea come as the isolated country recently launched a test of its long-range missiles, making it possible for them to attack U.S. cities like Los Angeles and Chicago.

In her rant, Stein also cited the unfairness of the U.S.'s sanctions on Russia and North Korea because hey, why not.

Once Twitter got a hold of the footage, they were none too pleased:

But they had to admit, it was pretty "on brand" for Stein:

And to think, she could've been president:

But hey, maybe Stein has her eyes set on a different prize:

If so, that would be the end of Stein's media rants:

H/T: Uproxx, Twitter

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