Jerry Falwell Jr. Thinks Trump Should Start Calling GOP Leaders 'Fake Republicans'

Jerry Falwell Jr. Thinks Trump Should Start Calling GOP Leaders 'Fake Republicans'


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Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. appeared on Fox News anchor Sean Hannity's show Friday urging President Donald Trump to declare open warfare on Republicans who are not standing 100% behind the president and his agenda. 

Falwell--who has been an ardent supporter of religious freedom and louder opponent of gay rights-- went on to call out those he deemed as 'Fake Republicans.'

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It seems the fissures in the GOP are deepening. 

Falwell is clearly exhausted with the lack of success since '45 has taken oath, so he hangs the guilt directly on Congress. Now if you speak to the other side of the party '45 is the most successful president EVER. 

And there in lies the rub.


Falwell pointed out how he and fellow Conservatives have been criticized for their support of someone like Donald Trump. And he believes strongly that “issues of faith matter to this President.” 

The evening's other guest, Robert Jeffress went on to blast Republicans in the “do-nothing establishment” for obstructing the President’s agenda. Sean Hannity also replied with agreement saying he doesn’t trust Republicans like Mitch McConnell or John McCain.

Those are bold statements. 

Twitter had a few statements of it's own. 


Looks like all that faith might not be as helpful as Jerry has prayed.

To quote rapper Eminem... it looks like Falwell has "drawn his line in the sand."


H/T : The Hill, Mediaite

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