We're Extremely Jealous Of This Dog's Human-Style Spa Day


I would love a spa day right now. Wouldn't you? Things can get pretty stressful and exciting here at The Daily Buzz.

Spa (CREDIT: Twitter)

  Rumor has it that we will soon be receiving in-office massages! Okay, I made up that rumor. Mostly because I'm jealous of this dog that's recently gone viral. Who's the dog? I don't know. How was he able to afford a spa day that includes what looks like one hell of a fantastic paw rub? I also don't know.
Spa (CREDIT: Giphy)

  I will say this, though: That's one damn lucky dog. Count your blessings, dog! Practice gratitude every day you wake up in whatever mansion or palace you live in! Because, if you don't, you may lose your no doubt luxurious lifestyle. I will happily take your dog massages if you don't want them. In the meanwhile, I'll just watch on with crippling envy.

H/T: Twitter