Jazz Bar Asks For Only "Attractive Staff" And People Lost It

Jazz Bar Asks For Only "Attractive Staff" And People Lost It


Twitter user Nicola Thorpe is tired of your patriarchal nonsense.

She previously made headlines by triggering a parliament debate when she was sent home without pay for refusing to wear high heels at her job with PwC London.

This screenshot was taken from a listing for a jazz bar in Shoreditch, London.

In the listing, it specifies: "Physical attractiveness is unfortunately necessary for this role."


Twitter is not having any of this.

Reed is the website upon which the listing was placed.

Reed.co.uk issued a statement in addition to their responding tweet: 

"At reed.co.uk, we take our responsibilities as a recruitment advertising platform, used by thousands of jobseekers every day, extremely seriously.

As such, we have a number steps in place to ensure jobs advertised with us comply with all appropriate legislation, are non-discriminatory and, of course, genuine.

Clearly, in this instance, an advertiser has used inappropriate language in their posting and so details of the vacancy have been removed whilst we work with them to ensure they are made fully aware of relevant legislation affecting their recruitment."

We are glad to see this sort of behavior will not be tolerated.

H/T: Independent UKTwitterIndy100

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