James Corden Credits The Man Who Inspired Carpool Karaoke In Touching Speech


Carpool Karaoke Is One Of The Most Popular Segments On Late Night Television. Did You Know George Michael Inspired It?

Let's go back in time a moment. The year is 2011. James Corden and George Michael are riding together in a car belting out tunes. The format has since become incredibly familiar, especially to late-night TV viewers and people who watch the segment on YouTube. It was that first video, done for Comic Relief, that started it all.

According to James, without this:

George appears... unimpressed...

Radio Times

Mariah Carey never would have agreed to be the first "official" Carpool Karaoke guest and we wouldn't have had this:

Nobody Car-dances quite like Corden

Hollywood Reporter

Which lead directly to some of our favorite moments like:

This high-fashion moment with Elton John

Digital Spy

Fries With Selena Gomez

Music Feed

Matching wigs and balancing eggs with Sia


Wedding Dresses with Iggy Azalea


Stevie Wonder making James cry


All of this manflesh with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Channel 24

Wrestling with Jennifer Hudson


And to think we owe all of that to George Michael. Watch James thank him as only James can in this clip:


H/T: Mashable, YouTube, Nerdist