J.K. Rowling Destroys Sexist And Anti-Semitic Newspaper Column

J.K. Rowling Destroys Sexist And Anti-Semitic Newspaper Column


Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling lashed out on Twitter at the Sunday Times Ireland after a particularly incendiary column was published in the paper.

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The article by columnist Kevin Myers, entitled "Sorry, ladies — equal pay has to be earned," discusses the pay gap at the BBC, and contends that men earn more because they "work harder," "are more driven," and "seldom get pregnant."

It also goes on to speculate that Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz are two of the highest paid BBC presenters because they are Jewish, remarking that "Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent at the lowest possible price."

Rowling was appalled, tweeting out:

And she wasn't the only one offended:

The outrage sparked the Sunday Times to remove the article and issue an apology, saying, "The comments in a column by Kevin Myers in today's Irish edition of the Sunday Times were unacceptable and should not have been published. It has been taken down and we sincerely apologize both for the remarks and the error of judgment that led to publication."

Kevin Myers has reportedly lost his job as a writer with the Sunday Times as well:

Back over on Rowling's tweet thread, many were focused not on the article, but on Rowling's recent gaffe, in which she criticized President Trump for not shaking the hand of a small boy in a wheelchair, only to find out later that a longer video proved her wrong.

After the boy's mother clarified what really happened:

Rowling apologized for the mistake:

But not before Twitter took her to task for her alleged hypocrisy:

Still, she had her defenders:

And when these incredibly divisive times get you down, just remember: Rowling always has a place for you.

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