Watch Irish People Taste American Seafood Dishes For The First Time

Watch Irish People Taste American Seafood Dishes For The First Time


"It's What I Would Imagine Eating A Brain Is Like."

It's easy to forget just how different food can be from culture to culture. That's part of the reason we have so much fun watching videos of people taste testing foods they've never tried before.

This video of Irish people taste testing seafood prepared in American styles is especially fun. The facial expressions alone make this vid an instant classic.

Things get kicked off with this beautiful exchange:

Her: "The last time I had seafood I also had a lot of vodka and I don't know if it was the seafood or the vodka that made me get sick."
Him: "What made you put those two together?"
Her: "A free bar."

Yup, this is going places.


First up we have the classic lobster roll. One pair was particularly excited. She'd never had lobster before and said she felt fancy trying it. They felt so fancy about it that they decided to try this move:

Lobster and the Tramp? Can I say that and not be insulting someone here?


Not everyone was so thrilled. This taste-tester said it was too chewy and she felt like she was eating a shoe.

The Irish are an expressive people.


The shrimp burger passed with flying mediocrity, though one person did say he imagined the texture is what eating brains would be like. We no longer trust that taste tester and would like the proper authorities to maybe keep an eye on him. He didn't say he meant human brains, but he didn't say he didn't mean human brains either. Just sayin'.

Fish Tacos are a staple of Florida and California life. They're among the most perfect beach foods, so I'll admit I got excited when I saw that it was next up for tasting. That excitement quickly faded when one taste tester whined

"I can, like, see its like scaly thing... like... who are you?"

A fish, lady. It's a fish. Fish have scales. Just not the fish in your fish tacos. I looked at the picture of what you were served and there's no skin on that fish. I have no idea what she was looking at that she thought were scales, but I'm just going to have to assume she's never seen a fish before. I decided I don't trust this taste tester either. Then she made this face.

Her misery brings me joy


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