A Trick To Reclaim Storage On Your iPhone

A Trick To Reclaim Storage On Your iPhone


Don't have enough space on your iPhone, but you don't want to delete your favorite movies and music?

When you constantly snap pics and download movies and music, you don't keep track of all the precious gigabytes being swallowed up. Inevitably you resort to sacrificing saved movies and apps. But fear not! There is a trick to reclaiming precious space without deleting precious files.
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Reddit user "eavesdroppingyou" discovered an easy trick that he shared with readers, and it's gone viral. He shares:
I have an iPhone with 16 GB so I'm always dealing with low storage. A trick I do to get back some storage is to try to "rent" a movie with a big file size.
For the trick to work, make sure the size of the film you are "renting" exceeds the amount of remaining storage on your phone. He recommends renting The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Special Extended Edition), which takes up a whopping 8.98GB of your hard drive.
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When you click the Rent button, you will see this notice:
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Don't worry about being charged. You don't have enough space to accommodate a high def movie, and therefore, you will be exempt from renting fees. Click on Settings, and viola! -- you'll find the magic already happened. Once you're taken to General > Storage & iCloud Usage, you'll notice that you reclaimed some extra space.
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So how does this work? In order to make room for the movie, your iPhone erases extra in-app histories and cookies that you no longer need. Try it 4-5 times and you can gain an extra 1 or 2GB back on your phone without deleting anything yourself. How cool is that? It really does work, and readers have been responding positively:
This is a FANTASTIC tip/trick! I used "Cleopatra" which is a 10.3 GB movie as my rental experiment. I went from 5.4GB free to 8.7GB free on my 64GB iPhone 6S+ Wow. I just saw an article pointing to this thread and thought I was seriously being April Fooled. I gained 2.4 GB doing this trick. Thank you OP. You are my hero today.
Here's another tip. Don't respond to the Cannot Download prompt. The cleanup process is already activated, and hitting Setting disrupts it. Here's a visual tutorial with detailed instructions. Happy spring cleaning!
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