Wacky Inventions That Never Stood A Chance

The world is full of dreamers and innovators. Walt Disney once said: "If you can dream it, then you can do it." And dreamers of the 20th century did just that. Those who dared to dream big contributed to the acceleration of progress in the past 100 years. The 20th century saw more technological breakthroughs than in any other century. We were introduced to airplanes, television, the radio, and countless other important innovations that represented the limitless determination of mankind. With all the technological breakthroughs that took off however, there were quite a few that never caught on with the modern society. Wacky attempts at revolutionizing the ways of life included a hat with a built-in radio, a motorized surfboard and wooden bathing suits. Take a look at these bizarre inventions and determine if you think they were either ahead of their time, or if they just plain sucked. Do you see a potential comeback with any of these? After all, retro is in!

1. The grandfather of rollerblades.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: cracktwo)


2. The google glass may have been inspired by these goggles. If you don't like what you see, you could tune it out.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: imgur)

3. No need to re-style your hair after this quick rinse. So lady, no need to pose with the shower head over your head.

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4. A bedridden pianist bangs one out in 1935. It sure looks precariously perched.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: dailymail)

5. What in the world? Flashbacks to a former pop-star dangling his "Blanket" out the window

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: brightside)

6. Strapping a radio to your pram (best known as a baby carriage), a 1921 invention, is best to soothe your baby to sleep. Because the doll that's bigger than the infant here is not going to help.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: dailymail)

7. The first life jacket took its cue from sausage links! Hey, they may look silly, but these weenies saved lives!

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: brightside)

8. What's more awesome than just playing the radio? Wearing one! Invented in 1931, this boater hat was fitted with a radio transmitter and a speaker so you could take your music with you.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: brightside)

9. The French here are shown testing out a new safety feature in 1924. If a pedestrian was hit, you could conveniently scoop him up into the net to prevent running him over! C'est magnifique!

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: dailymail)

10. When your husband's out, you could reflect and scratch.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: brightside)

11. These boots are made for rollin'. Just don't light up a cigarette while motoring your way on foot. Otherwise, there'll be hot wheels.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: brightside)

12. A human radar. This equipment from the 1940's was used to pick up enemy sounds. Not subtle enough to give you away at all.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: dailymail)

13. Wooden bathing costumes from 1929. I'm feeling splinters in unwelcome places just looking at this.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: dailymail)

14. The anti-bandit bag. The contents spill out and scatter all over the floor at the touch of a button to deter thieves. I was picturing a boxing glove to shoot out instead.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: fineartamerica)

15. "You hold him." "No, YOU hold him." This is the compromise. Just watch out for the street lamps, kid.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: brightside)

16. When you don't have time to be bedridden, reduce that fever while running errands! And frighten the public while you're at it.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: boredpanda)

17. 'Cause if all those gears are turning, you might as well use some of that man power for sewing!

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: reddit)

18. Introducing "Blizzard Cones." Not only do they protect you from mascara runs in the rain, you can peck the eyes out of troublesome men.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: etsy)

19. Before GPS, there was a self-scrolling dashboard map from the 1932. It was wired to the vehicle and scrolled according to your speed. Just make sure you have the right scroll for your route!

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: dailymail)

20. The motorized surfboard took you on your waterborne journey in style.

The Daily Buzz (CREDIT: brightside)
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