These Cartoons Show The Other Side Of Raising A Baby

These Cartoons Show The Other Side Of Raising A Baby


An illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain, shows us the reality of having a baby.

Yes, they're adorable and precious. But let's get real, they're a handful. I don't have to be a parent to understand that the responsibilities of raising children can be taxing. The nagging, loss of sleep, vomiting and screaming can try our patience, but yes, we know that the rewards of having a kid far outweigh the annoyances. But, it doesn't mean that the adorable creatures are sometimes monsters. And that's exactly what comic strip illustrator Roc Espinet decided to portray them as in this project.
baby (CREDIT: matusfun)

The talented illustrator collaborated with writer Damien on a cartoon titled "Adorable Creatures" in which new parents deal with their babies who transform into monsters at night, in a heightened reality world. Roc Espinet studied fine arts at Barcelona University and focused on studying animation at 9Zeros School in Barcelona. Since then, he's animated for TV shows, video games, movies and advertising with over ten years of experience. Always hoping to expand his resumé, he's showing no signs of slowing down.
baby Roc Espinet (CREDIT: vimeocdn)

  Espinet said:
I also like to share all the knowledge I manage to get! I have been teaching at University and some art schools. I’m always trying to transmit my enthusiasm in making characters come to life! Actually I´m working for a Disney XD show called Future Worm! That´s totally krazy! Love it!
Check out these wild illustrations of baby-monsters, each characterized by annoying baby tendencies we're all too familiar with, regardless if you're a parent or not. And yes, they are still adorable!

Meet: "Adorable Honey Badger" - He never wants you to leave.

baby (CREDIT: lopscoop)


"Adorable Black Goblin" - He plays with your face.

baby (CREDIT: matusfun)


"Adorable Roaster Chicken" - He wakes you up all the time.

baby (CREDIT: matusfun)


"Adorable Fire Breathing Dragon" - vomits over you

baby (CREDIT: boredpanda)

  So are you all ready for a little adorable monster of your very own? Of course you are! H/T - boredpanda, designideas, lopscoop, matusfun

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