Hostile Note Left On Ambulance Window, And People Are Crying Foul

Hostile Note Left On Ambulance Window, And People Are Crying Foul

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After tending to a patient in serious condition, an ambulance crew in Birmingham was greeted with a vicious missive.


While paramedics from the West Midlands Ambulance Service were treating a man in the back of their vehicle, a neighbor decided to complain about where the ambulance had parked. 

Placing a note under the window wiper of the ambulance, the individual claimed they had parked the van "In a stupid place, which was blocking their drive."

This completely thoughtless message was photographed by the paramedics and then later tweeted out with an explanation and the hashtag #patientscomefirst.

As they should! We will ALL be patients one day! 


The medics posted....

Twitter and everyone really, had their back.

Sadly and infuriatingly this isn't an uncommon occurrence.


We should always respect our first responders. That seems pretty obvious. 

The Mirror reported that the patient was taken to Heartlands Hospital in Bordesley Green.

A spokesperson from WMAS explained the events to the paper: 

The patient was in a critical condition, but sadly we have no way of finding out what their current condition is as they are no longer our patient.
The crew were on scene for less than 30 minutes.
They blue lighted the man in and asked for medics to be on standby to receive the patient immediately upon their arrival.

H/T : Indy100, Twitter

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