Hillary Clinton Breaks One Final Record As Popular Vote Counting Ends
Hillary Clinton Breaks One Final Record As Popular Vote Counting Ends

Hillary Clinton Breaks One Final Record As Popular Vote Counting Ends


It's been more than a month since Election Day, and we finally have officially counted all of the votes that were cast. And while Hillary Clinton is not our next President, she is walking away with some significant broken records of her own.

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When every final vote was counted, contrary to what Donald Trump and his people are telling you, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a significant margin. Her final vote count was 65,844,954. This final number was almost 2.9 million more votes than Donald Trump secured (62,979,879).

Along with the fact that Hillary actually beat Donald by a significant number of actual votes, she also won a handful of historic distinctions, as well. Each and every one of them will be sufficiently maddening to anyone who believes that every vote in our country should count.

Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump is our President-Elect. This is based solely on the technicality of the Electoral College, despite the irony that that very body of people was created to prevent someone like him from becoming President.

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Hillary's first historic success is that she has received more votes than any other losing presidential candidate in all of American history. Her leading margin of votes, 2.1%, is third-highest in history. Only Andrew Jackson, who won by 10% and was denied the presidency, and Samuel Tilden, who won by 3% and lost by one electoral vote, had a higher margin.

Furthermore, other than Barack Obama's historic 2008 presidential run, Hillary Clinton received more votes than any winning Presidential candidate in history. In fact, once the votes were finalized, Hillary had even ended up ahead of Obama's 2012 run by 389,944.

This all makes me sad, of course. I was with her. I still am. And it does strike me as ridiculous that millions upon millions of Americans could exercise their rights to vote, pick a candidate, have that candidate receive a significant majority of votes, and then still see that candidate lose. But that's just the way it is for the time being. I'm sure this won't be the last that we see of her.

Source: CNN, KTLA

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