Redditors Share What They Regret Not Doing In High School

Redditors Share What They Regret Not Doing In High School


High school: An eventful time. A trying time. An awkward time.

High school was all of these things. I would know. But rather than regale you with tales of my painful high school experience, I went ahead and combed through the annals of Reddit so you, dear reader, and I can live vicariously through the experiences of others. It's the American way. Redditor SilverShrub got the ball rolling with this question:
Redditors, what do you regret not doing in high school?
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As SilverShrub surely found out, regret is a well that runs deep.
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From NotCleverNamesTaken:
I regret spending so much time worrying about what people thought of me. This caused me to be very cautious and risk averse. Turns out, none of it mattered. I could have dated / learned / experienced so much more. High schoolers - ask out that person, join that club, take that class, do that activity that you've been daydreaming about. (My life is great, no complaints, but I waited too long to get to this point. "You do you" is not only reserved for post high school.)
I wish I had stood up more for the kids who were being bullied for no reason.
  Which prompted the following response from pidgeotto_big_balls:
Yes I agree. I never participated, but I carried enough respect among my peers back then that I could have made a difference by standing up against the bullying. What you don't realize at the time is that besides the fact that no one desrves to be bullied, all of those kids are going to grow up and remember that you did nothing. I feel guilty when I see them on rare occasions.
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And this one from ChipAway111:
I realised this too late. Even though I was bullied myself years before I didn't stand up for this one girl. She was large, wore glasses, had short red hair and would try and bribe people into liking her. At that age we were all too stupid to see what a genuine cry for attention it was, she didn't have an easy life so everyone decided to make it worse just because she was a bit weird. Eventually however I remember just stopping to think, wondering why we were doing this, it didn't make me feel better, it didn't make her feel better. I still didn't have the guts to stick up for her, I just sort of directed the attention away from her. If people started picking on her I'd mention something else, start a new topic. I still remember that little smile and small "thank you" she said to me one day in the empty hallways and I hadn't even done anything nice. Maddie, I'm so fucking sorry for what we did.
  From teejay724:
Years later, you start to realize that talking to students who were seen as unpopular really wasn't that big of a deal. A few people I knew from high school have committed suicide in the past few years and I can't help but wonder if just being a friend could have made a difference. We're all people dealing with our own things, I wish that high school me could have seen that as clearly as I do now.
  Love missed out on from Aedipus:
Asking out a girl I was probably in love with because I was too shy. We both had the same interests, had been friends since elementary school, and we could talk for hours about everything and nothing. The worst part was I found out my senior year that she also had a crush on me through her entire sophomore year but by then she had a long-term boyfriend. In hindsight, she was dropping a ton of pretty obvious signs. I have a girl now, and she's has a different boyfriend, so everything turned out fine in the end, but there is still that "what-if?"
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From sorcerers_apprentice:
I never had a "teenage rebellion" phase. I find myself kinda wishing that I had taken risks and tried to have fun while I still had the protection and forgiveness that comes from being a kid. Now, I have much fewer experiences than my peers...
  From zombie_bear, who missed high school altogether:
Going to public school. I was homeschooled from birth through highschool. College was the first actual school I went to. I wound up with extreme anxiety and could not handle it. I never had a classroom full of people or a teacher. I never had legit homework with deadlines. I was so unprepared. I basically had to relearn how to learn. It f'd me up for a bit. I still have major social anxiety and am still learning things at age 30 that I never learned being so sheltered. Also, I have nothing against homeschooling especially at younger ages. I just think my parents could have done things better.
  From EatingTurkey:
I was so insecure and shy in high school. I wish I'd been more outgoing. There were so many things I didn't do because it was just THAT hard to talk to people. I didn't date, I didn't go to prom, I didn't try out for the school play. I especially wish I'd dated in high school so I could have started to understand how to be in a relationship earlier in life.
  From Bluffingitall:
Thanking the best teachers I had more, some of their efforts were beyond what is expected and it is people like them who are our chance for the future. I remember distinctly my Sophmore English teacher telling me that I was earnestly good enough to be a writer and now I'm pursuing that dream. (A decision that has brought me so much joy). If I could go back and thank her for all she did for me I would 100 times over.
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From 8337:
I was "too cool for school" and never went to my prom, never went to any sporting events or pep rallies, never joined any clubs. Don't be like that, kids. Socialization is important. Being part of society is important. Even if you don't like the events, you might like the people. Don't assume that the jocks are assholes, or the cheerleaders are bitches, or the rich kids are snobs.
  From greenebean78:
A girl from biology class invited me to sit at her table with a big group at lunch. Instead I sat outside in the courtyard with my boyfriend. I would go back & change that decision in a heartbeat. Would've opened up a lot of chances for new friendships, parties, conversations, etc
  From friedpotatoo:
Parties. I got invited to them a lot, but I never got around to actually going. Now I'm in college and still getting invited but I'm too scared since I don't know anybody here.
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From the_eric:
I regret giving a fuck what anyone of my classmates thought. I wasted so much energy on anxiety because of those fuckers and I haven't talked to a single one in 11 and a half years.
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