'Grease' Flash Mob Surprises Woman For Her Birthday


Grease is the word!

A Pennsylvania woman got more than just a surprise party for her birthday. Courtney Killian was out celebrating with friends and family in downtown Collegeville, PA, when her mother-in-law told her to look at the movie theater. “I thought ‘Happy Birthday Courtney’ was going to go across the Movie Tavern marquee or something, then the music started," said Courtney.
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Little did she know that her husband, Dave, had set up a flash mob of dancers to wish Courtney a happy birthday. A feat that took months of preparation. Now that's love, folks!
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The KN Dance and Entertainment dancers performed "You're The One That I Want" from Grease, incorporating much of the choreography from the original movie. From CBS Philly:
"Grease has always been one of my favorite movies since I was a little girl and I always sing along anytime I hear one of the songs,” said Courtney. “My friend and I saw a flash mob proposal a few years ago and I didn’t stop talking about it for days."
The fun involved the whole family as Courtney's two sons, Ben and Adam, ran out holding "Happy 40th Birthday" signs at the end of the dance.
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The whole crew sang Courtney a happy birthday to the applause of all onlookers. Her friends and family then took her out for dinner and birthday cake. Now THAT'S how you celebrate a birthday! Congratulations to pulling this off for all those involved!

Watch the "You're The One That I Want" flashmob after the jump!

  I think we can all agree we want a husband like Dave! I wonder what he has planned for her next year. Although, once you do something this great, anything else might be slightly disappointing. Good luck, Dave! H/T philadelphia.cbslocal.com, facebook.com