Granddaughter Locates Grandfather Who Passed Away On Google Street View


Family Feels Better After Searching Google Street View

The internet has, for better or worse, created digital footprints that stay behind after we pass on. People post stories and share emotions on loved one's abandoned Facebook pages like leaving flowers on a headstone. To them, it's a way to speak to the person they miss.

And sometimes, if you're Batman, swear vengeance.


Fortunately, there are many inspiring stories of people finding closure after a loved one's passing using the internet. Take Jia Jia Wu, pictured on the left, who recently they lost her 77-year old grandfather.


Since his passing, Wu, who reside in Changhua, Taiwan, wished to put together a photo album of all the pictures she had of him. Unfortunately, not many were found in the family's photo albums.

One of the few photos of their grandfather.


Read on to see what miraculous discovery the sisters made.