Gordon Ramsay Fires Off On Amateur Chefs Via Twitter

Gordon Ramsay Fires Off On Amateur Chefs Via Twitter


When novice chefs wanted a personal critique from famed chef de rage, Gordon Ramsay, they knew exactly what they would be in for.

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Ramsay is best known for his irascible personality in the kitchen on shows like Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef. His blunt criticisms and short fuse have interestingly earned him adoration and respect among viewers.

His scathing comments can reduce aspiring chefs to a puddle of salty tears; but, at least his 16 Michelin stars prove that the man knows what he's talking about when giving culinary assessments.

The master of the kitchen isn't entirely a miser. Beneath his thick skin, he still possesses a dash of empathy.

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So when novice cooks shared photos of their creations with Ramsay on Twitter, were they expecting sugar-coated responses?

Not a chance.

He was brutally honest, which to some, is the highest form of a compliment they can get from the reality star.

First up, was this salmon creation.

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This was Ramsay's response.

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The defeated, amateur chef wrote back:

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Next up is this fried up medley.

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Keep reading to see what Ramsay had to say. Hint: it wasn't a compliment.

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