GOP Hopes To Make Gun Silencers Readily Available To Civilians

GOP Hopes To Make Gun Silencers Readily Available To Civilians


Congressional Republicans are aiming to ease up on restrictions for acquiring silencers.

In January, bills were introduced to the Senate and House of Representatives to make it easier for criminals to avoid strict protocols on purchasing silencers, or suppressors.

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The bill is innocently called the "Hearing Protection Act," a guise purporting to protect shooters' ears from the harmful effects of loud blasts.

By making silencers readily available, shooting becomes a quieter sport for hunters. Not if Sen. Kirtsten Gillibrand can help it.

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Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said, "These deadly gun silencers pose a huge risk to our enforcement and our communities and I will do everything I can to stop this ill-thought-out legislation that would allow more criminals to get their hands on these dangerous weapons."

She took to Twitter to warn the dangers of the bill.

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The proliferation of silencers would also render ShotSpotter technology useless. The recently implemented gun fire detection system helps NYPD respond to shootings effectively.

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She's not alone in her stance on the legislation.

Gun control advocate Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) warned that if the bill passes, "there will be more crimes committed, more people killed.”

Jaime Pessin, a volunteer for the New York chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, said, "Claiming that silencers are a matter of public health is a ploy by the gun lobby to put profit over public safety."

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Current federal regulations make it difficult to obtain suppressors.

Find out what hoops potential firearms customers have to go through to acquire their own silencers, on the next page.

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