GOP Congresswoman Protests Sexist “Sleeveless Dress Policy”

GOP Congresswoman Protests Sexist “Sleeveless Dress Policy”


Paul Ryan's arcane dress code is getting some push back from women in his own party.

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GOP Representative Martha McSally of Arizona took the floor on Wednesday, and before yielding, commented: "Before I yield back, I want to point out I'm standing here in my professional attire which happens to be a sleeveless dress, and open-toed shoes."

It isn't the first time McSally, a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel and the first American woman to fly in combat, has taken on a sexist dress code.

CBS News reported: "McSally sued Donald Rumsfeld when he was secretary of defense because the military required women in the U.S. military in Saudi Arabia to wear a head-to-toe robe called an abaya, typically worn by some Muslim women, when traveling off base. The military reversed the policy after a review, and not as a result of the lawsuit."

Many on Twitter applauded McSally for taking a stand:

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