GOP Attacks Jake Tapper By Exposing His Dirt Files


Jake Tapper has no intention of letting Team Trump off the hook.

After laying into White House darling Kellyanne Conway in a recent, fiery CNN interview, the star news anchor was targeted by the GOP for his aggressive form of interrogation.

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The Trump administration had enough of Tapper's bullying interrogations, much to our amusement, and right-wing conservatives are rallying the troops to uncover dirt from Tapper's files to take him down.

Axios reported, "Republican operatives were urging at least one conservative-friendly website to write Jake Tapper hit pieces."

Is Tapper quivering in his boots from the GOP threat?

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Not really. He's got his game face on.

In response, Tapper posted this tweet yesterday.

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He gave Twitter his consent to expose his controversial choices in life. The web unearthed a whole slew of Tapper's former transgressions, and were posted with the hashtag #TapperDirtFile.

(Dirt 1/12)

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(Dirt 2/12)

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(Dirt 3/12)

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Things are about to get dirtier. There's more on the next page.